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You are what you ride show beautiful graphics by Romain Bourdieux and Thomas Pomarelle.

R for Romain Bourdieux

T for Thomas Pomarelle

1. Who are you?

R: Hi, I’m Romain Bourdieux aka Orthonormai. I’m actually interactive designer at Ogilvy One Paris, and I’m graduated from Paris’ Gobelins school.

T: Hi, I’m Thomas Pomarelle, a Fifth-year student at the National School of Decorative Arts of Paris.

R: We know each other since the Highscool, this is to say an old friendship.

2. How did your idea “You are what you ride” come up?

T: This is not the first time that Romain and I work together. An afternoon, on a sofa, we were looking for a new project, based on a concept, and this is where the whole Cyclemon thing came to us.

R: After a couple of beers the concept was more clear, and we were not so far from the project as it is today.

T: The importance for us was to share our passion for bike-riding with other people.

3.Where are you based and why?

T: We’re from South of France, but we’ve both been linving in Paris for 4 years now. Everything goes faster there! You can meet a lot of people in a lot of different fields, and also this is the best city in France for designers.

4. What do you enjoy most about your work?

T:The freedom of being able to work on something different on each project, and the ability to touch to several medium (motion design, print, web…)

5. What kind of bike do you ride?

R: I ride a Francesco Moser road bike, a Orlowsky lo pro, and a daily Bernard Carré. All in all I match with many types: Grand’pa, Runner or Hipster…I’m a polymorphous guy.

T: I’m using the Paris’ bike service.

R: (the fruit of a fake and a cougar)

T: But in my hometown, I use a VTT, which makes me a warrior!

6. Any future project?

R: We are actually thinking about a new collaboration with Thomas, something more ambitious, where we gonna go back to the past. Stay tuned, there will be more coming soon!


AKIHIRO SOMA by Ana V. Francés

The amazing illustrator who plays with lego and neddles.

1. Why bikes? Why lego? why Knitting?

I’m a graphic designer, sometimes illustrator. Always looking for the various expressions. These are some of them. I love LEGO and bicycle of course.

2. Where are you based and why?

I live in tokyo because I was born here.

3. Any future project?

Many. some magazines, books, illustration.


Some really great titles and concepts from Nuremburg based publishing house Sub Press. Check them out.


Some really great titles and concepts from Nuremburg based publishing house Sub Press. Check them out.

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Skateboarding and Design are at the core of GoldCoast. These two things touch nearly every part of our lives. Design is the language of our creativity, it is the starting point for all our products. We appreciate awareness of little details in our surroundings, our products, and our designs. Our enthusiasm can not be contained. We want to share stories, ideas, sessions and trips with our peers, and want them to do the same with us. The end goal is to have fun. We don’t do what we do for trophies, fame, or titles, we take it easy. Seriously.


We love wheels, we love art, we love those amazing people! (II)







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MR. CIGAR -Comic by mDonadaComing out soon…


MR. CIGAR -Comic by mDonada
Coming out soon…




Bicycle stands are a staple of the city landscape. Their functional shapes are easy to distinguish, and the lateral line-ups they form in urban centres are hard to miss. With this in mind, Note set out to create a cycle stand that is bold enough to stand out against an urban backdrop, yet at close range, appear smaller. The broad band of metal forming HooK’s structure enables it to be seen from a distance, while its narrow width appears to streamline its shape when viewed from the side.

1. Who is behind “NOTE”?

We are five people at the moment Cristiano Pigazzini design strategist, Susanna Wåhlin Interior architect, Alexis Holmqvist Art director, Kristoffer Fagerström Product designer and Johannes Carlström Product designer and interior architect.

2. What do you enjoy most about your work?

The possibility to think different and be surrounded by beautiful things, colors and materials. We are really enjoying the possibility to do what we like most, work with all the designs process. 

3. Why a bicycle stand?

Because we LOVE bikes (just two of us five as a car) and we would like to park our bikes in a also beautiful and functional racks.

4. Any future plans?

Many, the future seems very exciting. We are looking forward.



“The rebirth of the BH’s model S.11, inspired in Ireland, presents with the intention of rescuing a piece its history. The last remaining numbers of the Irish elk (Megaloceros giganteus) which populated the Irish land more than 10,000 years ago, could grow up to more than 2m height, weigh more than a ton, and his horns could reach up to the 3 meter wingspan. When the last ice age climate changes that occurred on earth, altered its environment and the flora of that it fed on, perhaps it simply weakened by a lack of sodium, calcium and phosphorus that his big bone structure demanding. Or perhaps his great antler provoked a critical situation, where it would become entangled on the brush and trees without the ability to escape from predators. This is a small tribute to the Irish elk, who had no second chance.”

How do you start working with standbikeme?

I met the guys from Standbikeme and we both liked our work. I found a very environmental and creative business idea: every bike abandoned in a garage deserves a second chance, and the chance to adapt them to the tastes and needs of each person creating unique pieces. I was particularly attracted to one of these processes. I was briefed with a concept and references of what they wanted and from there on I made his interpretation: Standbikeme. I took a look around a bit more, and I did mine.

Where does the creative idea within the project come from?

The customer brought visual references of Ireland, its culture and its codes. Antonio and Nacho shared this briefing with me and I started researching the history of Ireland. I met the extinct Irish Elk and found that like with forgotten bikes makes Standbikeme, I could somehow rescue the memory of this species.

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spread from Organic by Kapitza


We love wheels, we love art, we love those amazing people!

(1) BMD DESIGN, Bordeaux - France 

(2) MAAIKE BAKER, Pretoria - South Africa

(3) BEN JAVENS - Yorkshire -  England

(4) EL SENYOR 9 - Spain


(6) MAGOZ, Spain

(7) KIRSTEN ROTHBART - Kassel - Germany: