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Cerveza L´ermita by Nueve



1.  How did your idea “COPENHAGEN ROLLER DERBY PORTRÆT” come up?
It all started when I was first invited to a Rollerderby game to photograph about.
After the bout me and a friend talked about how cool it would be to shoot portraits of the girls instead of just the game, so we slowly started to form some ideas, but it took almost a year before we actually got the chance to do some portraits, and the first time we got into all kinds of trouble, because the place didn’t have enough power outlets, so we could hook up the flash and by the time we had figured out how to solve that problem we had about 10 minutes before the bout was about to start, so I was the only one who actually got some shots (my friend was really disappointed).
I got about 5 pictures, but as soon as I looked at them I could see that the idea would work, and actually be even cooler than imagined, so we arranged with the girls to do a proper shoot, and I would do the headshots (by then i had the style down and the girls loved it) and my friend would do full body shots(which are amazing).
2.  Who do you take your inspiration from?
When I searched the web to find some inspiration for the style and portraits I stumbled apron Dead Bradshaw and Steve Locke who has a nice roller derby portrait, but apart from that I just find inspiration from sites like behance and 500px. I don’t really have any specific photographer that I try to copy, but Dave Hill is a constant source of inspiration.
3.  What do you enjoy most about your work?
The thing I love the most is meeting people and interacting with them, because what is more inspiring than that. Sitting in front of the computer editing photos is not that fun (mainly because I’m not really good at photoshop so I end up using a lot of time redoing and trying to recreate stuff :)
4. Where are you based and why?
I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. As to why, My girlfriend, family and friend all live here :)
5. Any future project?
Oh yes, but as to not jinx it I can’t talk about it :) but it involves superheroes and villains, and its a much bigger project than i would normally feel comfortable about, but I have some very talented friends who have agreed to help me.
6. Do you ride?
No I don’t ride :) First off, I’m getting “old” or at least my bones are, so I’m pretty sure that I would snap like a twig the first time i would fall. Second, those girls are fearless, I’m not.


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